Company history

Viet Lime Minerals Co., Ltd was founded under the license No. 2700639155 dated 17/04/2012 with the initial charter capital of VND 89,000,000,000. Business majors are Lime Manufacturing and processing, industrial Burnt Dolomite, Hydrated Lime, Lime Stone, Dolomite Stone, Cement and Adobe Bricks.

Recognizing the increasing demand of lime products in heavy industry, light industry, as well as agriculture, and also take advantage of the local competition on limestone materials gathered in Ninh Binh Province, in 2013, we decided to invest in developing lime 20 production lines of quick lime, burnt dolomite with continuous kiln technology, as well as hydrated lime Ca(OH)2 , grinding line, and we are issued Certificate of investment No. 091110000038 dated September 27, 2013 by the People’s committee of Ninh Binh Province.

In early 2016, based on Decision No 507/QD-BXD dated 04/27/2015 of the Ministry of Construction about the plan of Vietnam lime industry development till 2020 and 2030 orientation; and also addendum number 1364 / QD-BXD dated 24/11/2015 of planning the development of production of lime, we invested to build more 04 vertical steel kilns with Japanese technology highly automated, meet the requirements of production and processing constantly high quality limestone and burnt dolomite on basis of using resources efficiently and environmentally friendly, increasing the total capacity of quick lime, burnt dolomite and hydrated lime production up to 200,000 tonnes / year for Lime and about 952.000 tons for Cement. The factory operated for up to 100% of design capacity, creating jobs for more than 300 local workers.

In order to be more active materials to serve production and processing plant limestone / dolomite, in September 2015, the People’s Committee of Ninh Binh Province issued Decision No. 904 / QD-Committee to allow Vietlime exploration mining and processing of minerals in the limestone quarry area Seche 12.8ha area. In addition, we are a joint venture company jointly invested Van Xuan Ninh Binh production line Dolomite quarry at Ky Phu Commune Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province with geological reserves approved as 15,019,910 m3 (currently we are entitled as mining executive director).